Christmas shopping all wrapped up

Ho ho ho! If that just filled you with dread it's not going to get any better. Christmas is just a matter of weeks away (just under five weeks actually) and it's probably time to get cracking on Christmas presents. But if the idea of hitting the shops, especially with the kids in tow, makes you more ho-hum than hi-ho, these ideas might help take a little pain out of the Christmas shopping pinch. Make your own Yes it's not necessarily the easiest thing to do especially if you're time poor, but it's a good one to do with the kids. Handprints and footprints make cute presents if you have some spare paint or an ink pad, maybe a spare drop of sanity will help too (haha!). You can also recycle boxes, toilet rolls and tins and let the kids use their imagination with some tinsel, stickers and lots of colour, the grandparents will love it!

Buy online Not trying to take away from the retailers but buying online and having things delivered to your door is one no fuss way to sort your presents. All you need is a few ideas.... Recycle presents If you have a few things lying around unopened that you'll never use, why not re-gift it?! Just make sure you don't give it back to the person who gave it to you or Christmas Day could become very uncomfortable!

Make a plan, set a limit and stick to it If you have one day to get your shopping done, the best way to go is to plan your attack. Have a list of what you want to buy, a budget to spend and stick to it. If you're worried about spending too much, draw out your spending money in advance and leave the plastic cards at home. Secret Santa It's not everyone's cup of tea but some families swear by Secret Santa when it comes to present giving. You all have just one person to buy for and it saves lots of hassle! Just make sure everyone's happy to participate and if needed, some ground rules can be laid around present types, monetary limits etc. When in doubt look around you Over the years I've found photos can help create presents. There is loads of sites (online and real shops) out there where you can create beautiful canvas pictures, calendars, puzzles, key rings, coffee mugs and so on. The only tricky part is deciding which photos you want to use.

Personalised presents You can find everything from clothing to cushions, blankets, towels, puzzles and more all online, just pick your store and your favourite friend or relative (well their name anyway, haha!) and create away. Gift cards They really are the go-to present when you can't think of anything present-wise. But in saying that lots of people appreciate gift cards so they can go buy what they want later. And if all else fails just hit the shops at the last minute with the rest of the crowds and buy whatever random items take your fancy, sometimes they end up being the best presents.

Good luck!!

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