Eeek! It's Book Week!

In no time at all, Book Week will be upon us. If you're anything like me, you have great intentions of being organised and to help your kids put together cool costumes for the school parade.

But... then time flies and life gets busy and you don't have the dreaded 'who do you want to dress up as' conversation and you forget to look up ideas on Pinterest and the kids don't remind you and, before you know it, it's the night before and the kids are nagging for help and you're pulling your hair out while costumes from the dress-up box are flying and tears are falling (theirs, hopefully not yours) and you kick yourself for not being more organised and sorting this out weeks ago...


Sound familiar?

If so, here's some ideas for relatively quick, simple and cheap costumes for Book Week. (Click on a photo to see its original source.)


- Long sleeved blue dress

- White collared shirt underneath

- Red ribbon tied as a neck sash

- Straw hat

- Black ribbon tied around hat

- Long white socks

- Black court shoes


- Red short sleeved dress

- White collared shirt beneath

- Striped stockings

- Black shoes

- Pig ears head band

- Pig snout made from pink egg carton and elastic

Fancy Nancy

- Dig through the dress ups for random bits and pieces

- Visit a dollar store for head pieces, ribbons and frills


- Pink long sleeved shirt

- Pink leggings

- Pink tutu

- Pig tails

- Tiara and wand

- Pink court shoes!

Greg Heffley (Diary of a wimpy kid)

- Blue/black/denim shorts

- Closed in shoes

- White shirt

- Large cartoon of character's face on card paper stuck to paddlepop stick

- Electrical tape for body outline

- Plain black backpack

Angelina Ballerina

- Pink ballet outfit (leotard, tutu, tights, ballet shoes)

- Pink bow in hair

- Mouse ears and tail

- Face paint mouse nose and whiskers


- Green 3/4 length pants

- White shirt, rolled sleeves

- Brown belt with big buckle

- Brown vest

- Brown sandals

- Big ears (make with paper plates and elastic)

Saucepan Man (Faraway Tree)

- Plain clothes

- Saucepans, pots, kettles hanging on thin rope

Moon Face

- Large paper plate moon face

- Collared button up shirt

- Bow tie

- Long pants and shoes

Miss Frizzle

- Dress

- Stars, moons and planets

- Court shoes with stars

- Lizard for shoulder

- Frizzy hair

The Magic School Bus

- Cardboard box school bus

Mr Men and Little Miss

- Cardboard cut-outs

Rainbow Fish

- Cardboard cut-out

- Blue fin hat

The day the crayons quit

- Cardboard cut-out with Crayola markings

- Pointed cardboard hat

- Plain clothes beneath

The pigeon

- Yellow hat

- Blue cardboard cut-out

- White collar

Peter Pan

- Green outfit with jagged sleeves and hem

- Green pants

- Brown shoes

- Brown belt

- Green hat with feather


- Tinkerbell costume


- Strappy green dress with jagged hem

- Fairy wings

- Light coloured/silver court shoes with pom pom

- Hair in bun

- Wand

Tin Tin

- Blue jumper

- White coloured shirt beneath

- Tan/brown pants

- Socks up

- Closed in shoes

- Bag with white dog

- Orange hair chalk, spiked at front

Pippi Longstocking

- Denim overalls

- Plain t-shirt

- Mismatched long, striped socks

- Plain shoes

- Orange wig or orange hair chalk

- Piggy tail plaits with wire to hold out

Fern, WIlbur and Charlotte

- Farmer's outfit

- Spider on shoulder

- Stuffed pig

Geronimo Stilton

- Green jacket, vest and pants

- Red tie

- Brown shoes

- Brown cardboard mouse ears head band

- White pipe cleaner glasses with black pipe cleaner whiskers

That's all for now :-)

If you'd like to see some ideas of costumes for characters from Australian books, click here.

Have fun with your preparations for Book Week! Please share any other ideas you might have or photos of your efforts!

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