It's in the bag

A couple of pairs of undies and a few shirts will be enough for a few nights in hospital, right?!

The final countdown has begun.

We’re getting ready to welcome our second child into the world and naturally there’s a lot going on.

Including the fun of finalising the good old hospital bag.

Needless to say it’s much different this time around and my bag is probably a little more on the lighter side.

I still remember when I was packing my bag the first time around, I put everything on the prescribed list into not one, but two bags, one for the baby and one for myself.

Needless to say, a big chunk of it barely saw the light of day.

And when it came to packing for the second time, only one bag came out of the cupboard.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t even glance at the list.

So what made it in the bag:

-Comfy clothes

I’ve got my baggy shorts and leggings along with a few easy feeding tops and shirts all ready to go, plus my pjs. I remember only wearing a couple of different outfits last time and I honestly didn’t care about looking dressed up for visitors either!

-Undies and bras/feeding singlets

I’ve accounted for a few nights plus a couple of spares (in case of mishaps) because you just never know.


Some hospitals provide the basics (shampoo and soap) but there’s something nice about using your own shampoo and deodorant, plus I figure I might want to brush my teeth at some point!

-Maternity pads and nursing pads

Again some hospitals might provide these items but it doesn’t hurt to throw a couple of packs in.

-A few items for the new bundle of joy

A couple of singlets and outfits (in two sizes just in case), some wraps to keep them warm and a few nappies and wipes (unless your hospital provides them) are just about enough for bub to get by for a few days!

-DON’T forget the phone charger

For one thing it’s an easy way to capture those early photos if your phone is charged but it’s important to be ready to call and text people with the news!


I’m not sure how much spare time I’ll have between feeding, changing nappies, cuddles and trying to rest up for visitors but I’ve also thrown in my e-reader and iPad. They don’t take up much space but are there if I need them for some mind-numbing entertainment.

The important thing I keep reminding myself is that my husband can quite easily bring things from home or head out to the shops for me, I really don’t need to pack absolutely everything!

I pretty much asked myself the question: will I actually NEED this in hospital or am I wasting my time?!

A lot of things didn’t make the cut!

As another mum messaged me the other day, at least we don’t have to worry about change for the pay phone and spare batteries for the camera!

Of course these items belonged to a packing list from 1994.

But in saying all that, I feel as prepared as I can be (I can hear all the other mothers laughing sympathy of course) both for the hospital trip and coming home again.

The baby’s room is all set up, everything has been washed and now it’s just become a waiting game.

All this preparation (and waiting) has got me thinking about how different everything has been the second time more ways than one!

This pregnancy has flown by and I guess I can thank my energetic toddler for keeping me on my toes.

But that’s another big difference, there hasn’t been anywhere near as much rest and relaxation as the first pregnancy.

Plus as anxious as I’m feeling about labour and birth, I’m not as terrified about having a newborn again.

Well not entirely anyway.

Let’s see how everything goes.....

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