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I remember giving my grade 5 teacher a set of coasters in the shape of strawberries and thinking that it was the coolest gift ever. Of course, when she opened it she gushed about how pretty they were and how useful they would be. Seriously?

I’m sure we’ve all seen the fine array of mugs and teddies covered in phrases like ‘World’s Best Teacher’. As sweet as these are, how many mugs does a teacher really need… or teddies, for that matter? There’s the common joke about how teachers re-gift a lot of the presents their students give, but who can blame them? And what is a person to do with ten to twenty paper weights/key rings/magnets/ornaments boasting the wonderful qualities of a dedicated teacher.

I know teachers appreciate the thought behind the gift and have no expectations in regards to end-of-year presents, but I personally want to give something they can use and enjoy.

So here’s some ideas I’ve come up with, separated into three categories depending on whether you are giving on your own, as a group or going in together as a whole class (organized coordinator required)! Most are appropriate for either male or female teachers. Please share your own ideas in the comments!

Individual Giver


Bottle of wine

Reading book


Inexpensive jewellery (eg. from ‘Diva’)

Homemade goodies (shortbread, slice, fruit cake)

Movie gift card

Coffee gift card


Group Giver

Gift card (eg. Coles Myer)

Restaurant voucher

iTunes gift card

Book store gift card

Massage voucher

Whole-class Giver (class of 30 students contributing $10 each)

Day spa experience

Weekend holiday

Tickets to the theatre/concert/show/sporting event

Book of compiled letters and drawings from all the students

My one and only word of caution: no mugs!

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