Beating the winter chill

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Brrrrrrrr, there’s already the feel of winter in the air.

With temperatures dropping, particularly at night, you’re probably reaching for warmer blankets and doonas.

But while we toss and turn and keep the covers on, the same can’t always be said for the little people in our lives.

Rather than spend the night constantly checking to see if they stay warm when it’s cold, here’s a few tips and hints that might help you get through the cooler months.


  • Keep their rooms as warm as possible, not overbearingly warm, but do not leave any windows open while they're asleep or too much throughout the day, you don't want there to be a chill in the air.

  • A terrific alternative to a blanket is a sleeping bag that zips up the front and can be worn over pyjamas or onesies. Many are sleeveless, so arms can still move around while the rest of the body stays covered.

  • Similar to sleeping bags (but probably more appropriate for slightly older children) are wearable blankets. Many come with foot openings for extra mobility when children are awake.

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  • Having a bath is one lovely way to warm up. As well as being a great sleep signal in younger children, a warm bath can helps towards a good night’s sleep.

  • You can warm a cold bed with a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or a microwaveable bag. Be sure to remove it before putting your child down to sleep.

  • If your child is a restless child but you want to try a blanket, why not try some fleece. Grab some fabric and lay it over the mattress with most of the excess blanket on the sides. The longer parts can be tucked under each side of the mattress which can it help it stay in place for longer.


  • If your child can’t cope with blankets, you might have to utilise multiple layers of clothing for warmth like singlets, socks and full body onesies. Try not to overdo it as small children can also become sweaty and wake up more frequently during the night.

  • Although it’s not recommended, if you choose to use a heater in a chilly room make sure it's fireproof.

  • If you’re at your wits end and keen enough to do some research there are products on the market that involve clips to hold blankets in place. Jump online to have a look.

  • If all else fails, you might have to stick to the first old fashioned path of checking on your kids, making sure they are sleeping covered. This approach works for kids, however it’s not very effective for parents because they are not getting any rest (and let’s face it, you want all the sleep you can get.).

  • My darling daughter is definitely a mover in her cot. I’ve found her in varying sleeping positions and I’ve often wondered about the best way to keep her warm. For us, the best solution so far has been sleeping bags with a few attempts at using blankets. Let’s see what happens this winter.

If you have any other tips or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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