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Is it just me or are our kids getting smarter at a younger age?

My darling daughter (who’s nearly 18 months old) already knows something will happen if she pushes the button on my iPhone or iPad.

Better yet, she’s also worked out how to swipe between pages and images.

But the real icing on the cake is watching her take a photo and giggling as she holds the button down to take multiple frames.

In turn it creates a multitude of photos in my photo gallery but it also creates a moment of pride watching her recognise her achievement.

With this in mind, I decided it might be time to tame the toddler and let her learn from the experience by introducing a few different fun and educational apps to play with.

The App Store is filled with a huge amount of options for varying age groups and it was no easy feat dwindling it down to just a few.

But here are some fun, educational, colourful and exciting Apps, for you and your toddler.


Play School Play Time

Join Humpty Dumpty and learn about time while you celebrate his birthday. There’s different activities for each hour of the day and you can even decorate a cake and sing Happy Birthday, bounce balls in the yard and enjoy a bit of story time.

Too Many Teddy Bears

Play along with Maddy and her Teddy Bears and learn about numbers, letters, colours and shapes. While taking a serious side in teaching kids ABC123, this app also has lots of fun aspects with loveable characters, music and plenty of characters including Chef James Bear and The Teddy Twins, Tommy and Tess.

Wheels on the Bus

This app features 11 verses of what is now probably thought of as a classic kids song. You and your child can enjoy the interaction and colour while you take part in a fun learning experience.

Toddler Sound 123 Free - Flashcards for baby to touch and play

Touch, look and listen to the sounds of different animals, vehicles, household items and more.

This app can help teach your little one different words and items with a simple tap.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Dubbed as a wonderful and new way to enjoy the classic song, this app is an all in one collection of fun and educational games as well as including a vivid interactive and high quality production of the beloved song. There’s a sing-a-long story book, colouring in, puzzles, counting and so much more.

Kids Puzzles - Puzzingo

If you have a child that loves to do puzzles, there are loads of apps to choose from but here’s just one. Puzzles cover shapes, numbers, animals, cars, etc. It’s designed so you and your child can play with puzzles together.

Toddler counting 123

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your little one hears the numbers as they touch the object on the screen, whether it’s five dogs or one violin, they can count along and learn at the same time.


Stack presents, people or coloured rings, Build-it-up allows toddlers to tap items and arrange them on top of each other to assemble a complete image. This app helps develop visual perception skills and fine motor skills as well as aiding in the development of primary maths concepts such as size, top and bottom, before and after.

ABC Alphabet Phonics

Kids learn by sight, sound and touch and this app helps with learning their ABC. You can even add your own pictures and voice to give it a personal touch to help your child learn by seeing items or people they know and love.

Kids Memo Beamy

Mix and match and learn about the power of the child mind through memory. Help make development and learning more fun by matching the correct animals like sharks, penguins, hippos and kangaroos.

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