What NOT to pack for labour.


You prepare weeks in advance for the birth of your first child with your hospital bags packed at the door, ready to go.

But what exactly makes it into those bags that never sees the light of day when you’re in labour?

In my pregnancy haze, part of me thought that i would need my e-reader, headphones to listen to music, magazines and pen and paper to do some writing.

What was I thinking?!

And it seems many mums over prepare themselves for the not so mundane task of childbirth.

Here are just some of the many items that according to Narangba Mums, you may just find you don’t need:

*Birth plan - It works for some but many find labour and birth follow their own path.

*Relaxing music - If it makes you feel good, go for it but some find the idea of relaxing music makes them want to throw the music player out the window.

*Books - as you won’t have the time or concentration. So don’t take a copy of your favourite autobiography to read between contractions…

*Massage oil - Each to their own on this one but things can escalate quickly in the labour ward and get a bit sweaty too!

*Clothes - You might just find going nude helps (you should probably pack some clothes for after the birth though….)

*Other children - Some people don’t have a choice but a labour room might not be a great place for the little ones.

*Make up – you probably won’t get round to using it, or care what you look like during labour, but maybe have it brought in for photos afterwards

*Laptop/iPad/portable DVD player - Honestly how much spare time do you think you’ll have between contractions??

*Food - Most hospitals will provide you with hearty meals, but if you feel the need take some snacks with you.

*AND last but certainly not least…..Your dignity - You’re about to bring a little person into the world, you will probably reach the point where you have well and truly left your dignity at the door.

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