3 Simple Christmas Card Ideas for Kids.


1. Find 2 different colours of card or paper. Cut 2 identical tree shapes from both colours (lay them together so you only have to cut once). With a pencil, draw lines across the back of one colour (we drew them on the red). Tear the paper along the lines so the tree is in pieces. Cover the other tree in glue, then place every second piece of the torn paper onto the complete tree. This creates the layered effect. The left over pieces can be used on another card. For more details and step by step picture instructions, click here. 2. Have you ever made coloured rice? Well if not, you must! It is very simple; Add desired amount of rice into a clip seal bag, several drops of food colouring and a few drops of vinegar (vinegar is optional, it does work without it). Seal bag and moosh the rice around until it is all fully covered in the food colouring. Lay out on a baking tray and leave in the sun to dry. For our tree and wreath we made a cup of green rice and 1/4 cup of the other colours. Once dry, mix all the colours together. The kids will love playing with the coloured rice. Trace out a Christmas shape on some cardboard and completely cover the inside of the shape in a thick layer of PVA. Sprinkle with the coloured rice, then shake off any excess. Place in a warm dry place (sun works well) to dry. Cut the shape out and stick on a plain card.

3. Collect a pile of coloured paddle pop sticks in whatever colours you like. We didn't bother with a pattern for this tree, but your kids may like to create a pattern. With a ruler, mark each stick, the first 1cm, second 2cm and so on until you have enough sticks for the height you'd like the tree. Using some secateurs or sharp scissors, cut the sticks into lengths. Spread PVA over your card and stick down your cut pieces. So easy! For more images click here. If you enjoy getting crafty with your kids and are interested in contributing to the Narangba Mums blog, send us an email to narangbamums@outlook.com.

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