A Weighty Issue


I've always been critical of my appearance. I could hazard a guess and say I'm probably not alone on this one. And as much as I love my beautiful daughter, pregnancy certainly didn't do me any favours. But let's face it, society doesn't exactly help when we're all expected to bounce back after giving birth and instantly look like a supermodel. While some people have awesome genes and lose the baby belly within weeks, for the rest of us, it takes time and effort. I was given a wake up call when I found out I was pregnant last year. Clocking in at 103.5kg, my doctor uttered some serious words after telling me I was pregnant, "you're blood sugar level is quite high". I was diagnosed as being diabetic (which type was quite a fuzzy area) and it was followed with numerous doctor visits, a hospital stay, a massive change in diet, blood sugar level checks and injecting insulin. It was a crazy scary time but something I needed because it meant I had a chance at losing weight. I managed to lose a big chunk of the weight by changing my diet but I felt like I needed to get serious about exercise. As parents we don't really have a lot of spare time on our hands, but my own beautiful mother keeps reminding me, I need to make time for myself. So my "me time" is ironically spent doing fitness every week, sometimes twice a week (if I'm lucky). Not that they need a plug, but the awesome team at Adrenalin Personal Training and Adrenofit are my saviours (although I wouldn't say that after a tough workout). I hate using cliches, but I've honestly never felt better. And if I can help it, I won't be going back to 'fat me' anytime soon... **what are your tips and tricks to keeping active??

By Sheree Echlin

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