Attempting to Clean with Kids on the Scene

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I recently read an amusing, and yet astute, quote: “Cleaning the house with kids around is like brushing your teeth whilst eating an Oreo.”

We laugh, but know it’s true. Right?

Just look at my morning clean from today, for example.

Just the bathroom, I said.

It will be quick, I said.

It will be easy, I said.

I should’ve known better.

Halfway through the clean, my inquisitive two year old wanders in (actually, she crawled in on all fours with her tongue hanging out; a puppy, apparently). She decides to ‘help’ me. And, being the easygoing, accommodating mother that I am (cough, cough), I decide to let her ‘help’.

The ensuing conversation went something like this:

Whilst cleaning the shower… “Yes, darling? Oh, you’ve spilt the shower cleaner all over the floor. That’s okay, the floors probably needed a clean anyway.”

Whilst cleaning the floors… “Yes, darling? Oh, you’ve splashed the mopping water on the wall? Okay, I’ll give the walls a wash. Thanks for your help. You can go play now.”

Whilst washing the walls… “Yes, darling? Oh, you’ve taken my sopping sponge and washed the sheets on my bed? (sigh) I’ll wash the sheets.”

Whilst hanging out the wet washing… “Yes, darling? (through clenched teeth) Oh, you’ve dragged the wet sheet through the dirt and into the house? (cry) I’ll clean the floors. They’re probably due a clean, anyway. It was, after all, a whole hour since I last cleaned them…”

Okay, so I’ve slightly exaggerated. Although they have each happened, they weren’t all at the same time. The first example, however, did happen this morning. And why didn’t the other examples follow?

Because I decided to stop brushing my teeth and to eat those Oreos instead!

Share your funny stories of cleaning with kids; send a chuckle and spread the cheer! :)


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