The Weird and Wonderful Song of Life

Have you ever stopped to listen to the things you say to your children? I contemplated this the other day when I saw this post on Pinterest:

I’m sure every parent can relate to this. As I enjoyed a chuckle, I found myself reminiscing over the weird and wonderful things I have said to my own kids. Things like:

Stop brushing the dog with my toothbrush!

Please stop drinking the toilet water.

Stop eating the sunscreen, darling.

That’s the dish the dog eats from, not you.

Don’t lick the ground.

No! Poo goes in the potty! (gagging)

As nauseating as some may seem, each brings a smile along with a special memory. These years are a little line in the song of life and before we know it, this verse will be over. We will ask ourselves: when did they grow up? What happened to my baby? Why did I not capture each note sung?

But we will have moved on to the next part in our song, the next verse in our life. This new verse will also hold special notes and lyrics. But try as we might, we can never return to the previous verse. Each verse can be sung only once.

So, let’s make the most of the verse our lives are singing. Enjoy every note, every word, the melody of every line. Capture it in our hearts and in our memories, for this is how it can be replayed and savoured again and again.

Let’s listen to our kids. Actively listen.

Let’s watch our kids. Truly watch.

Let’s converse with our kids. A real conversation.

And let’s remember the moments. Every moment. The moments that make us laugh and lament, smile and sob, shriek and shrug. Every moment is a note worth capturing in the song of life.

By Rachelle Sadler

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